Monday, June 8, 2009

An awesome start to a potentially awesome summer!

So, like my title says, it has been an amazing start to a potentially amazing summer. I hope you have time to read this whole blog entry because it is going to be a while. You would not believe all that I have done in the past 4 days. It has been so much fun! So much fun!
First of all, I want to tell you something funny. On Wednesday, I didn't have school, and the day before I had been to an amusement park with my school, and well on Wednesday I slept till ONE O'CLOCK! For some of my friends, this isn't like a huge deal. But I was so beat! With finals and the end of school I needed sleep!
Friday was a interesting. In my family, we have something called pajama rides. Well, Friday morning, I was awoken at about 9 o'clock to my little brother telling me that we were going on one. Let me explain what one is. It is basically a surprise as to where you are going. Like sometimes, they will be at night after you are in your pajamas and they just yell pajama ride, and you run for the car! This time it was in the morning, and I got up, actually changed, my mom said I would want to for where we were going, and we were off! We went and got donuts! (Did you know Friday was National Donut Day? My mom didn't know this when she had first planned it, cool?) It was one good donut!! (= Then we did some errands, and then we started going. We were getting farther away from home, and I recognized where we were, but it was like, why are we going this way? So she let us start guessing. My smart brother asks if we are going to see James. Of course, earlier, I had been thinking maybe we were going to see him for lunch, but little guy in the back guesses, and my mom said that we were going to get him for the weekend! WOW! AWESOME! FUN! So we got my brother! <3 It was such an amazingly, awesome weekend! That night, we went to graduation! Every senior graduated, so that was good! I got to visit with some friends after, and then went home. Another amazing day!
Saturday, was my parents anniversary. So, since my mom LOVES canoeing, that's what we did. And we took Mac with us! Oh my my my! We found out that he likes butterflies, and lily pads! Okay, so a canoe, you have to be careful not to tip. So my mom sat with Mac, I did the bow, and James did the stern. He was being an older brother which sometimes equals a pain! (In a very nice way!) He laid down, sorta in the seat, while I paddled. Now, this was my first time paddling like a lot, and he was back there getting a tan. If you know my brother, I am sure you are nodding your head and picturing him doing this, and if you don't know him, I want to let you know that he is an amazing guy! I am not being mean by saying this, we love each other so much, he will never let anything happen to me, and I won't trade him for was all in good fun, much to his enjoyment! Then, we had steak which James did, and then he and I went to a graduation party. It was fun. I love graduation parties. I have grown up doing them every year since my dad and mom are teachers. It's what I do, so I had fun at this one. They had a pool there, and my brother (surprise surprise) was going to throw me in, but then I got him to stop, but nevertheless, he got me wet by the end. Then I went to my friend's house for a while, and then James and I went home to see our mom who was cleaning up from making 24 pieces of fried chicken, potato salad, and brownies...because on Sunday...
We went to West Point with some really good friends of ours, and this is a Kristina and Isabella story..but I am not going to tell it like that, but know that Isabella was there! We went and had a huge picnic, played games, put our feet in the water, sat on the train tracks, watched boats, and just had a really fun day! It was some walking, sweating, laughing, and just all kinds of stuff! It was tons and tons of fun! It was my first time in the library, and as Isabella would tell you it wasn't much fun because we didn't see anything like we didn't look at any books, we just went to the top, where you can go outside and look. It was really cool! So that was Sunday...
Monday...which is today, was a lot of fun! I woke up around 9ish, then did some chores, and then got to go visit a really good friend of our families. She is a really amazing person! She manages so much and just wow! So we spent the day with her, her daughter-in-law, and grandson. He is the cutest thing! A really, really happy baby. He liked my camera, but I didn't really let him have it, so... (= My younger brother learned how to fish today! They gave him and I fishing poles and tackle box. It is pretty sweet! I didn't really fish today, but I can't wait to fish when James comes home next and show James and my little brother up. I am going to try to catch more than them...don't laugh. I've done it to James before and I am going to try once more! So Isaac caught his first two fish! 2! That was exciting!
So, now I am home. I have to work on my friend's birthday present. Oh! And my friend is flying home from her foreign year trip TOMORROW!!! AH! I get to see her on Wednesday, it is going to be tons of fun to have her home again!
Well, for now, I must get to work on this present! I have a lot to do and I want to have it done by Wednesday. Yeah right...but at least I can try!

Hope you liked reading about my weekend. It was better if you got to experience it, like I did! was ...

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  1. well I did get to experience some of your weekend, and I totally agree... it was absolutely AMAZING. Love you Kristina!
    (See you Wednesday!!!)