Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Camp has been going well! I love it! It is really tiring during the day, but right now I am fine! Tomorrow, I am taking over, as my friend is leaving for vacation! Just me and seven fourth and fifth graders! They are really well behaved kids! At least, they haven't acted up..yet!

Tonight, my friend is over! I haven't seen her in such a long time! So it is nice to hang out! I just wanted to drop a word to say how camp is going!

Please pray for me, and any unsaved children that I might have! Tomorrow, is crazy hat day! I am excited. I don't get points for wearing a crazy hat, so I am doing something a little different and some of my fellow friends who are also working there this week- we are doing pig tales- UP high! And I am putting colorful ribbon in my hair! My team colors are yellow and green. And I am adding white! I will have to upload pictures at the end of the week!

Well, I am going to do some stuff with my friend!

Thanks for reading and praying! What can I say? I have team spirit!

Go Divers! (=

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I love sUmMer!!

Although it has not been the nicest summer, watch when I have to start school, the weather will turn beautiful!

This past week, was my good friend's birthday! We spent the day walking around town, eating in the park, and then dressing in red, gray, and black taking pictures! Girls have some crazy thing in them that we ALWAYS have to take pictures! I love it!

Then, on Friday, we totally surprised a different friend with a surprise party. Her birthday was a month ago, but with summer schedule's crazy busy- it just happened! She was so surprised! It was great! There were like 20 people sitting in her bedroom and well...we got her good! She is really smart, and usually will detect these things- but she had NO clue. It was great! My brother and I stayed there really late- or early (: hanging out with a couple of other friends, so it was definitely a success and tons of fun!

Saturday, we decided to go to the ocean! Man, it looked beautiful on the way down! The sun was shining- but when we got there- it was freezing and cloudy. We managed to have fun! My brothers annoyed me like usual! After we spent a few hours at the beach, we walked to town, like tradition, to get ice cream. It was really good! On the way back, I gave my older brother a piggy back ride for about three feet. But hey, he got up there at least! Then, this town has the cutest little shops so we walked around. And then we had to start the trip home! But it was a fun day.

Today we went to church, and after church James put cake in my face. Nothing out of the ordinary. I almost got thrown in the shower...but he didn't, I am sure that the day for that is coming soon!

Tomorrow, I am starting camp! My friends and I are helping at a day camp with kids. I am going to be so wiped out by the end of the day! To start with, I have been really tired, my mom was telling someone today that every time she turns around I am sleeping, I don't think it's that much, but if you think about it, can you pray for my friends and me? As we venture to help, and that we would be able to adequately share God's word with these kids?

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You know what?


Here is a list of a FEW of the things he can do:

1. Move mountains
2. Save me
3. Make the ocean
4. Work miracles
5. Have the sun rise and set
6. Make the moon and stars appear
7. Keep everything running- like the earth from coming too close to the sun so that we all don't die.
8. Let's me live
9. Answers my prayers.
10. Listens to little me- when there is a whole universe he is out there running BUT he has time for me.
11. Listens to anyone's prayers
12. Let's me talk to him about anything.
13. I can call him my Father, and
14. Run to him about anything
15. He doesn't have "office hours" he is there anytime- all the time
16. He provides
17. He heals
18. He is mercifully
19. He is gracious
20. Never gives up on me
21. Created the beautiful plants, and trees, and butterflies

....there is SOO much more that MY GOD can do!
What can your god (tv, people, books, Hollywood, music, etc.) do? When it all comes down to it, are they going to care about you? Would they die for you? My God died for me. and you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July already?!

Happy July everyone!!

I have not blogged in the l o n g e s t time! Let me tell you why....{this could be a while, though!!}
I have been EXTREMELY busy! So allow me to share.
Some people I know from out of state were here, and we had the most awesome time! They came to stay at our house for a long weekend! Also, at the same time, my older brother came home from school. We had so much fun playing spoons, going into the city, playing some game (I don't remember the name- but I did lose!) canoeing, and fishing. We went canoeing and fishing at the same time, and my friend and I we were rowing the canoe while the guys were doing to fishing. The guys almost tipped us a few times, but safe to say, we made it back to shore without tipping. On the way back to shore, the guys were standing up, rowing us back to shore, while the two of us girls just sat there! My brother was getting me really really wet, and so I yelled back to my friend if she was wet, and she said she was...but when we got out of the canoe, I saw otherwise...she just said that so she wouldn't get soaking...it was a good time!
After they left we had to take my older brother back soon after. And then we had to get ready for vacation! We went to the beach with my mom's brother and his family, and had an awesome time! We saw so much sea life! Starfish (I held one!) a sand shark, sand dollars, two horseshoe crabs (which were huge!) and then tons and tons of little crabs. The crabs decided that they liked me. They seemed to be all around. It was so gross! One was crawling on my toe, and I was NOT very happy!
After we left the beach we went to historic Charleston. It was a blast! We got to stay in William Aiken's carriage house, which is in the historic district of Charleston. William Aiken was the man who brought the railroad to Charleston back in the 1800s. We got a tour of his house. The people who own all of this, also own a restaurant- and my uncle knows the executive chef! So that's how this all happened. The restaurant's name is Fish. And if you know me, you know I am not to keen on sea food, and that I am a picky eater. Listen to all that I tried:
*crystallized hibiscus flower*crab*escargot (snail)*duck and poached egg*calamari
and then another night when we were at the beach I tried:
*scallops*cactus leaf
OH and then! After Charleston my mom was spontaneous! (Which we are very proud of!) We went to Atlanta, to see our friends...it was a tons of fun! There I tried mango. So this vacation I tried a ton of new things.
While we were in Atlanta, we went to Browns Bridge Community Church. It is one of North Pointe's churches. I really liked it there!
After church, we went to our friend's house, and ate lunch, went swimming, went to this really, really amazing park! It had slides that were 3 stories high! And we spent the rest of the day with them. It was really sad to leave. { i miss you already!!} But it was unexpected and lovely to see them!
And then we stopped at my aunt's house on the way home, and then we were on our way. We took two day to get home, and yesterday afternoon-ish we arrived home...and we weren't even home an hour and I went to a baseball game! He won, so that was exciting! My friend's brother's team is now in the championship game!
So as you can see I have been pretty busy! While on vacation though, I read through some of the Proverbs. I really like Proverbs 18:10 which says, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous man runs into it, and is safe." I heard that verse a few years ago when I was helping my friend with children's church- and I like it. I always have God, and he is my tower and the only strength that I need...
bye the way..isabella and i are gonna write a story this weekend!!
and isabella- i love the pic! & you!