Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Can you believe that it is almost Thanksgiving? It's crazy how time is just flying by!
Right now, I am sick in bed with a fever and a sore throat, which is not good at all, because on Thursday I am leaving to sing in Harrisburg at the Capitol Building. So hopefully my throat is healed by then!

Basketball started on Thursday! It is exciting that it's here already! School is busy, reports cards came out this past week.

Lately, I have been reading through Jeremiah. Wow! It has some good stuff in there! Jeremiah 29:11-13 says, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray unto me, and I will hear you. You will seek me, and find me, when you seek me with all your heart." God is always there for me. He wants to give me good things. He is an amazing God. In Jeremiah 31:3 it says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.." God has always loved me in the past- and he will love me forever in the future. Isn't that an amazing promise? God made all the heavens, and the earth- he controls when the sun rises, when the sun sets, when the tide comes in, and when the tide goes out. Yet, he still chooses to care for me and you! That is so amazing! He is in control of the whole universe- and He cares about me, that is such an amazing, amazing promise, is it not?

I hope that you have a blessed Sunday! I will try to blog again soon, and not wait so long!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wow! I haven't blogged in the LONGEST time!

kristina and isabella were best friends
they lived in two beautiful castles side by side
nothing EVER came between them
and they loved the Lord with all the hearts
they always backed each other up
laughed together
cried together
and they ...always...always were the BEST OF FRIENDS.

there is a short story...more will follow...I PROMISE YOU!!

Life is crazy. Full of choices. Some good, and some not so good. This school year is crazy, hard, and did I say CRAZY?! Life continues to go on, but God is always always good.

This week is jam packed busy- 2 field trips, taping for a choir (I am trying out with some friends to get into a choir at the Capitol.) and then schoolwork and housework...

Soon I will blog more. November is rapidly approaching. Life just seems to be flying by....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is September already gone?!

Hey y’all! Wow!! I have not blogged in the LONGEST time! School is in FULL swing! It is definitely busy! Today I took my first biology test- wow. Biology is NOT my specialty. But oh well, I guess God didn’t call me to be a biologist- and if He did- I have a LOT of learning to do! (: Then I had a study hall today and it was so nice- because I didn’t have to sit there and do anything, because I don’t have school tomorrow or Friday! Teachers have to go to convention! So I have OFF! I have a test on Monday, and one on Tuesday- but I have Sunday afternoon for those!

I have done so much in the first month of school. We had this day called Camp Day, where we go to a camp and play games, go have amazing chapels, eat, do cheers, skits and so on! OH! And we finish it off with an amazing campfire and testimony time (It is like the best time of the day!) Although two of my favorite games are:
1.) Senior Soak- the seniors just have to sit there while we come and pour water on them-it’s great- until you’re the senior!
2.) Someone leads you while you are blindfolded through cones, go to the end, pick up a bat, and spin with it ten times. It’s a classic and I love it!
And there are some other fun games like egg volley-ball and those kind!
But it wasn’t my favorite year because it rained and was cold- so it kind of put a damper on the day. But it was still very, very memorable!

Then that Saturday we went up to West Point to see a football game and hang out with my brother! It was a lot of fun. We went to this park and played games and ate food! Another great day! And it didn’t rain!

Yup and the weekends go on- this past weekend I went out for a great dinner with my friends and one of my friends families. It was an amazing dinner!! (Yeah…!) Then the next day, I went with my friend to get her senior pictures done- she is so beautiful so it was a lot of fun!

Well now I am out for the weekend! I am going to my second home for two days to hang out and have fun! It is going to be great! I can’t wait. We are packed and all!

Until next time (which might be another month…)

~*~Live with the wonder of a child
Pray with your arms thrown open wide
Love with a love that has no end
Until I see you again~*~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today was the first day of school!

Hey y'all!
Today was the first official day of school! It was wonderful..(: It's weird though, my one good friend said it feels like we were just gone a bit on vacation, it's true. It doesn't feel like a new school year. Although instead of being with the class ahead of me, I am with the class behind me. So I guess that will be a bit different. I am looking forward to the different classes that I am taking, but also being able to make enough time for my friends and sports. It is a few of my good friends senior years. So I want to have time for them. It will be a challenge to balance home, school, and friends. I know that I will want to put all my time in friends and school. But I really can't do that this year with mom going back to teach. She had a good first day, because I know that you are wondering. She has a nice size class. Not too big, not too small. We only have tomorrow, and then we have a break for Labor Day, very nice.
I was thinking, I need to think of others more. For example, if someone asks me about what I am doing for Labor Day, I would tell them. But then would I remember to ask them what they are doing? I realized I do this, and I don't like it at all. I'm not trying to be rude, but I guess I just get caught up in their question. We all do that I am sure, but I just don't like it!
Teachers gave me some homework. But would it be school if they didn't? It's not too horrible. I only have a little. But as you see, I am procrastinating. Not for long. I covered my books, all except for one because the paper I want is at school. So all I have left is to look over some notes I took (Yes, I took notes on the FIRST day of school!) and do some Math problems.
This morning I read in a book I have (97 Random Thoughts about Life, Love and Relationships by Justin Lookado) and he was saying how would you like it if you were your teacher? Okay, so said my teacher's name was Mr. Simon. And I was a total cut up in his class, how would I like to be in HIS shoes? WOW! And then he gave some other examples. It was just interesting. I liked it!
This year, with mom going back to school, and with my little brother going every day, I am not able to play soccer. It's okay though, because I know it would not be good for me to put my family through all that, as basketball is probably MORE than enough. But if you could pray for me just to be content. It's hard not to be involved. Last year with Dad, I gave it up to help the family, but I was able to be a part of the team by doing book and such. This year, I don't even get to do that, so it's hard. Your prayers would be appreciated!
I suppose that I should really go and do my Math homework. (I'm taking Algebra 2) So until next time...I don't know if you are in school, but I hope that you are being a testimony to everyone you meet. You NEVER know whose life you are affecting. Whether good or bad. So make it a GOOD day for everyone you meet.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 days till School. (not that anyone's counting!)

“Men who face eternity with their eyes opened wide…”

I heard something like that in a song, and it talked about men not being afraid to die. You know who I thought of when I heard that? My daddy. The song was talking about how “God just needs a few good men.” God doesn’t call us to be anyone special. He just wants us to come to him, and he will give us the strength for the tasks that He sends our way.

I went to go get my blood test done the other day. It was horrible. I had the nicest ladies. Yes ladies…3 of them. I didn’t go in there thinking that I was going to be a hard patient, but I think I turned out to be one. (: Accidentally, of course. I had never had it done before, and boy oh boy…not something I want to have done anytime soon! I had the nicest people working on me. But they said that I had tiny veins, so that was making things a bit difficult. They put a hot pack on my arm to try to make my vein come out, and then poked. Then she told me that it moved…): So then they had me put two more hot packs on. Meanwhile, I started not to feel well. They had told me not to eat, and I didn’t feel to well! I was starting to see black spots, and yeah…I told the lady I wanted my mom, but she couldn’t leave me, in case I fainted so she yells that she needs help, and they finally get me to a chair thing that I can lay down in, and my mommy came, and another lady came and used something called a butterfly instead of the needle to stick me, and took the blood out of my hand. After all that they gave me orange juice. They were really nice people! I ate as soon as I was in the car pretty much! (:

Summer is practically gone! School starts on the 2nd of September! Today I cleaned, and tomorrow we are going to our friends house! It is going to be a ton of fun! Can’t wait!!
So long till next time…

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Way We Dress

Before I write this blog, I just wanted to say, that I didn't write that last blog about the cell was in an e-mail!!

*What I want to know is how a culture that was SO demanding of girls wearing long skirts and dresses and NEVER acceptably wearing pants now wears the shortest, tightest, lowest, articles of clothing possible. WHY?! Where or when did everything in our society get so crazy that it has reached this point? *

As a girl, it’s HARD to find MODEST clothing to wear. But don’t give up hope, girls, it’s not impossible to dress modestly. But then, when we dress modestly, we don’t want to have the collar all the way up our necks, the skirts long below our ankles…we can still be in style, without having to wear clothes that are too tight, too low, too short.

In the book, DO HARD THINGS it says, “Isn’t something wrong when girls are constantly judged on their physical appearance and pressed to become more and more sexually provocative, yet are so rarely expected to develop qualities of character and intellect beneath the surface?”

So every single girl struggles with being modest. But let’s step up, and be modest instead of following the crowd..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cell phone vs. Bible
Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?
What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we flipped through it several times a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?
This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?
Oh, and one more thing.
Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill. Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? Trust in the Lord and *ASAP (Always Say A Prayer)Have a blessed and wonderful day! 'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School starts in two weeks! AH! I am actually excited...(: It will be good to have a routine, and not to be able to go into the kitchen and eat ALL the time...(not good.)

I was saying how I was reading the book "Do Hard Things" and I actually finished it this morning. The two Christian guys who wrote it have a blog that is called The Rebelution. Anyway, I just want to share some of the things that I read in this book.

Did you know that there used to be NO teenage years? You were a kid or an adult. So really, I am capable of much more than I do, and so are other teens, we just aren't pushed as hard to do the things and some people don't have any reason to have that many responsibilities. But as I was reading this book, I realize that I want to be involved in something BIG. Not just minding my own business, but helping. I can stay in my own comfort zone, but really, what fun is that? When there are SO many opportunities out there for me? Want to know what some author said is expected of me at my age?
*do a daily chore [just one], like taking out the trash

*make sure the gas gauge stays above a quarter of a tank (HELLO!, a 3 year old can do that!) *clean your room every week (with no help from Mom and Dad) not sure who the author was.
PATHETIC! If that is what is expected of me and that's it then...I'm not really sure.

In the book they also made a really good point, that I like, it says, "Isn't something wrong when girls are constantly judged on their physical appearance and pressed to become more and more sexually provocative, yet are so rarely expected to develop qualities of character and intellect beneath the surface?" That's true. Because is some movies today, the lead role of the girl will be some stupid girl- but she's "beautiful" and that makes it all.

1Timothy 4:12 says,"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and purity" (NIV)

When you are a teen and in your young adult life, they say it's the best years of your life. This book said, "We waste some of the best years of our lives and never reach our full God-give potential." So, if I just am looking out for me, and not others, when I look back at my life in fifteen years, what will it look like? Wouldn't I rather spend it serving others and making a difference? My answer is I would definitely rather be making a difference.

But all this isn't to say that I am still a very selfish person. That I still have problems with my attitude at home and helping without complaining. I know that before God is going to allow me to be faithful in the big things, I have to be faithful in the little things, like helping at home.

I guess that I know where I have to start on this whole home. But I still want to know what God is going to allow me to do that is BIG. I know what I want to do to serve him in the big area ahead, it's just getting there is going to take some work. But I want God to grow me, make me useful, and help me to do something BIG for his name.

I have two more books I want to write about that I have been reading. But I want to share with you why I have been reading so much! A very dear friend of mine gave me a challenge to read helpful guiding books (i.e. the Bible, Do Hard Things, etc.) as much as I read the other fictional kind. Let me tell you, their challenge is probably the only reason I finished reading Do Hard Things and now I have more books to read. So it's exciting to be getting into other things. I will Lord-willing be more well read on important life changing books rather than the fictional storied that I don't need. So thank you dear friend!

Next, I read the book of Joshua in the Bible. Here are some verses that I liked that well, read them for yourself.

Joshua 22:5 "Only be very careful to observe the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways and to keep his commandments and to cling to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul."
Joshua 23:11-13 "Be very careful, therefore, to love the LORD your God. For if you turn back and cling to the remnant of these nations remaining among you and make marriages with them, so that your associate with them and they with you, know for certain that the LORD your God will no longer drive out these nations before you, but they shall be a snare and a trap for you, a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good ground that the LORD your God has given you."
Joshua 23:14 ". . . and you know in your hearts and souls, all of you, that not one word has failed all of the good things that the LORD your God promised concerning you . . ." What an incredibly awesome promise! He is always going to keep the promises He has made!

And finally,
One of the other books I am reading is 97 Random Thoughts about Life, Love & Relationships written by Justin Lookadoo. (He wrote Dateable.)
He said, "Hey, if you just live your life, you go to church and play it safe, you don't really risk anything, the you have no faith. It's dead. You have to get out of your comfort zone. You've gotta try things that are going to totally freak you out at first. God wants you to go big. . ."

James 2:17 says, "Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

Oh! I forgot... I saw this awesome quote in "Do Hard Things" it says... "If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music. . . Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well." -Martin Luther King Jr. **No matter what job God gives me, whether it be cleaning toilets in the church, or running the kid's Christmas program... I can do the job to the best of my ability, because if someone didn't do the dirty, little behind-the-scene-jobs...where would we all be?**

Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s finally hot! Now I have to go back to school and be enduring the heat, when it has been cold here for most of the summer. Weird…!
Yesterday was my younger brother’s birthday! We celebrated and had a fun day. It was sad though, because James wasn’t here, and neither was dad. So we were a little lonely. But we had fun in the end!
Today, we woke up early and got to go to the doctor’s office for appointments. I had to get a sport’s physical. What fun! I like the person I see, she is really nice. I just don’t like the whole idea of going to the doctors. Never thrills me. I like the dentist better. Even after having many teeth pulled, cavities, braces, and all that- I still like the dentist. When I would get my teeth pulled out, I usually went with dad, and he would stand at the end of the chair and rub my leg. (: Good memories. So anyway, at the doctors, they decided to give me a shot. What fun. Although, I did get a really cool crayon band-aid for what it was worth. Also, sometime I have to get blood-work done. I was saying how that I was extremely tired this summer, and we didn’t know why, so she is going to have one done. Great! In January they had a blood drive in honor of my dad, I didn’t give, but I was there and saw it. Now I have to have something done like that. I am not looking forward to it. I am going to go have it done sometime later this week, so please pray for me!
After the doctors, we made 2 stops, and then went on to school to work on mom’s classroom. We got a lot of work done! It’s really exciting! We painted it, and all that the painting needs now is some touch-ups. Then just little stuff here and there that adds up to a good deal. Also, my mom has to start her lesson plans. I am helping her with a lot, but sadly that is one thing I can’t do.
I am reading the book “Do Hard Things” it was written by two teenagers. I really like it. It’s about stepping out there. It is pathetic what is expected of teens these days. I mean, my younger brother can do what is expected of a younger teen. The twin teens who wrote it have done a lot of things that are helping to make a difference. It has made me want to be doing things that are “hard”.
Now, it’s around dinner time, but Isaac is at karate. So I won’t eat for a while yet. But there are some dishes and laundry to be folded. So I suppose that I should get up and do that stuff. I guess that I have to start with the little stuff before I do the “hard things”.

I’m learning already. (:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mashed Potatoes and Sewing

Today I started making a skirt! First, I had to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics with my mom, and a friend of ours who is teaching me how to do it all. WOW! It is like OVERWHELMING to pick out material! So many choices!!

And then tonight, we were talking about how my dad and I would love to eat mashed potatoes at night! MHM!! He was an amazing mashed potato maker...(: Man, I could go for some of them right now!

Well, I am going to get a move on! Just talked to my brother at West Point! It's always nice to talk to him! Because I love him and miss him! long!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Story Time, (Just for YOU!!)

Okay, it’s story time.

This story, is for you (: I hope you like it!

Kristina and Isabella have been off touring the country. As they went south, west, east and then some. Seeing the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and more they have been terribly busy. But here, I (Kristina) sit, writing this story for you. We are home at our castle for just a time, as we are always venturing out to do more, and see more of this beautiful, God-created world.
Just last night, Isabella and I had a delightful time eating ice cream at a social with some very important people. We stood around the disposal, though. But we talked about the most enjoyable things.
Before that though, I must inform you, that Isabella, myself, with the help of two of our esteemed friends painted the school room. It was hard work, but hopefully the wee little children will enjoy it.
While driving the carriage home, the driver hit a pot hole, and we had to walk to rest of the way. It was terribly dreadful, because one never knows what is out at night, and I did not like it, but Isabella assured me that if something were to happen, our princes would save us. Princes? I laughed at her, and she presently joined in…princes…there were no princes in our life, there were only princes in our dreams.
After all that, Isabella and I came home, and ate quite a lot. Not the most proper thing in the world, but good gracious, I was hungry, and I do believe Isabella was a bit also. We really should watch out girlish figures, but we ate healthy food, so I imagine we will be okay for the time being.
We needed to get some beauty sleep after our long walk, so we decided it was time to call it a night, well in truth it was already in the wee hours of the morning by the time we settled down. And what a lovely sleep it was. We fell asleep dreaming about…well I shan’t say.
When we awoke after our lovely sleep, we planned for an upcoming ball, and for many other social events that we must be in attendance for, the biggest of the being school. Isabella and I had a very fun time, but she was called away to the castle for work, and it was a sad departure, as we knew we wouldn’t see each other for another few weeks.

hi y’all. (:
I hope that YOU liked my story, since I HAD to write one for you! (:
Last night, I did have my friend sleep over, and she and I had a great deal of fun making plans for the coming school year. We decided to be more accountable to each other this year, and to meet every morning before school to pray. I want to find different ways to get everyone in our school excited for school! I want to be a leader, not a follower, I want to make a difference. I am so hyped-up about this next school year and making a difference. Last year, we had a school newspaper, and my friend did a section in it called MAD. Make A Difference. As Christians, if we each lived out our daily lived MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Don’t you want to be different that the normal bum? Don’t you want to live out your life and make a difference? It’s never too late to start making a difference, and it’s never too early to start. I can’t wait for school to start! I mean, I can, but I can’t! I don’t know if that makes any sense. I sometimes don’t make any sense. (:
I hope that my enthusiasm has made you realize that you want to wake up and make a difference with your life as well!
Well, I had better get going. I want to get some things accomplished. Until next time, God Bless, and MAD.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't think that I have blogged in a while. So, here I am!
Today, I made cookies!! They are pretty good! MMMM!! I am sending like all of them back with my brother to school. But it's all good!!
Tomorrow, I am painting my mom's classroom at school with some friends. If you remember last time, it was horrible, paint fight. This time it's going to be nice and peaceful! I hope...!
Well, summer is flying by! My little cousin starts school on Monday! I can't believe it! I have around 3 weeks, so I still have some time! (=

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow! Can you believe that it is August already? I was looking at my calander today, and was like "It's the beginning of July..." "Wait AUGUST!!" It's craziness!!
Camp finished well! The last day it was raining.. But we made the best of it! During the week, the kids earn points, and at the end of the week, they can "spend" them. So, since I was a leader, I got to sit in a trailer, pulled by a 4-wheeler, and ride around! We got a bit muddy. But hey, Camp is for the Kids!

Tonight, we had some friends over, and that was a lot of fun! We played outside, and had s'mores, and just hung out. (: Good old summer fun!

See ya!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Camp has been going well! I love it! It is really tiring during the day, but right now I am fine! Tomorrow, I am taking over, as my friend is leaving for vacation! Just me and seven fourth and fifth graders! They are really well behaved kids! At least, they haven't acted up..yet!

Tonight, my friend is over! I haven't seen her in such a long time! So it is nice to hang out! I just wanted to drop a word to say how camp is going!

Please pray for me, and any unsaved children that I might have! Tomorrow, is crazy hat day! I am excited. I don't get points for wearing a crazy hat, so I am doing something a little different and some of my fellow friends who are also working there this week- we are doing pig tales- UP high! And I am putting colorful ribbon in my hair! My team colors are yellow and green. And I am adding white! I will have to upload pictures at the end of the week!

Well, I am going to do some stuff with my friend!

Thanks for reading and praying! What can I say? I have team spirit!

Go Divers! (=

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I love sUmMer!!

Although it has not been the nicest summer, watch when I have to start school, the weather will turn beautiful!

This past week, was my good friend's birthday! We spent the day walking around town, eating in the park, and then dressing in red, gray, and black taking pictures! Girls have some crazy thing in them that we ALWAYS have to take pictures! I love it!

Then, on Friday, we totally surprised a different friend with a surprise party. Her birthday was a month ago, but with summer schedule's crazy busy- it just happened! She was so surprised! It was great! There were like 20 people sitting in her bedroom and well...we got her good! She is really smart, and usually will detect these things- but she had NO clue. It was great! My brother and I stayed there really late- or early (: hanging out with a couple of other friends, so it was definitely a success and tons of fun!

Saturday, we decided to go to the ocean! Man, it looked beautiful on the way down! The sun was shining- but when we got there- it was freezing and cloudy. We managed to have fun! My brothers annoyed me like usual! After we spent a few hours at the beach, we walked to town, like tradition, to get ice cream. It was really good! On the way back, I gave my older brother a piggy back ride for about three feet. But hey, he got up there at least! Then, this town has the cutest little shops so we walked around. And then we had to start the trip home! But it was a fun day.

Today we went to church, and after church James put cake in my face. Nothing out of the ordinary. I almost got thrown in the shower...but he didn't, I am sure that the day for that is coming soon!

Tomorrow, I am starting camp! My friends and I are helping at a day camp with kids. I am going to be so wiped out by the end of the day! To start with, I have been really tired, my mom was telling someone today that every time she turns around I am sleeping, I don't think it's that much, but if you think about it, can you pray for my friends and me? As we venture to help, and that we would be able to adequately share God's word with these kids?

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You know what?


Here is a list of a FEW of the things he can do:

1. Move mountains
2. Save me
3. Make the ocean
4. Work miracles
5. Have the sun rise and set
6. Make the moon and stars appear
7. Keep everything running- like the earth from coming too close to the sun so that we all don't die.
8. Let's me live
9. Answers my prayers.
10. Listens to little me- when there is a whole universe he is out there running BUT he has time for me.
11. Listens to anyone's prayers
12. Let's me talk to him about anything.
13. I can call him my Father, and
14. Run to him about anything
15. He doesn't have "office hours" he is there anytime- all the time
16. He provides
17. He heals
18. He is mercifully
19. He is gracious
20. Never gives up on me
21. Created the beautiful plants, and trees, and butterflies

....there is SOO much more that MY GOD can do!
What can your god (tv, people, books, Hollywood, music, etc.) do? When it all comes down to it, are they going to care about you? Would they die for you? My God died for me. and you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July already?!

Happy July everyone!!

I have not blogged in the l o n g e s t time! Let me tell you why....{this could be a while, though!!}
I have been EXTREMELY busy! So allow me to share.
Some people I know from out of state were here, and we had the most awesome time! They came to stay at our house for a long weekend! Also, at the same time, my older brother came home from school. We had so much fun playing spoons, going into the city, playing some game (I don't remember the name- but I did lose!) canoeing, and fishing. We went canoeing and fishing at the same time, and my friend and I we were rowing the canoe while the guys were doing to fishing. The guys almost tipped us a few times, but safe to say, we made it back to shore without tipping. On the way back to shore, the guys were standing up, rowing us back to shore, while the two of us girls just sat there! My brother was getting me really really wet, and so I yelled back to my friend if she was wet, and she said she was...but when we got out of the canoe, I saw otherwise...she just said that so she wouldn't get was a good time!
After they left we had to take my older brother back soon after. And then we had to get ready for vacation! We went to the beach with my mom's brother and his family, and had an awesome time! We saw so much sea life! Starfish (I held one!) a sand shark, sand dollars, two horseshoe crabs (which were huge!) and then tons and tons of little crabs. The crabs decided that they liked me. They seemed to be all around. It was so gross! One was crawling on my toe, and I was NOT very happy!
After we left the beach we went to historic Charleston. It was a blast! We got to stay in William Aiken's carriage house, which is in the historic district of Charleston. William Aiken was the man who brought the railroad to Charleston back in the 1800s. We got a tour of his house. The people who own all of this, also own a restaurant- and my uncle knows the executive chef! So that's how this all happened. The restaurant's name is Fish. And if you know me, you know I am not to keen on sea food, and that I am a picky eater. Listen to all that I tried:
*crystallized hibiscus flower*crab*escargot (snail)*duck and poached egg*calamari
and then another night when we were at the beach I tried:
*scallops*cactus leaf
OH and then! After Charleston my mom was spontaneous! (Which we are very proud of!) We went to Atlanta, to see our was a tons of fun! There I tried mango. So this vacation I tried a ton of new things.
While we were in Atlanta, we went to Browns Bridge Community Church. It is one of North Pointe's churches. I really liked it there!
After church, we went to our friend's house, and ate lunch, went swimming, went to this really, really amazing park! It had slides that were 3 stories high! And we spent the rest of the day with them. It was really sad to leave. { i miss you already!!} But it was unexpected and lovely to see them!
And then we stopped at my aunt's house on the way home, and then we were on our way. We took two day to get home, and yesterday afternoon-ish we arrived home...and we weren't even home an hour and I went to a baseball game! He won, so that was exciting! My friend's brother's team is now in the championship game!
So as you can see I have been pretty busy! While on vacation though, I read through some of the Proverbs. I really like Proverbs 18:10 which says, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous man runs into it, and is safe." I heard that verse a few years ago when I was helping my friend with children's church- and I like it. I always have God, and he is my tower and the only strength that I need...
bye the way..isabella and i are gonna write a story this weekend!!
and isabella- i love the pic! & you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

An awesome start to a potentially awesome summer!

So, like my title says, it has been an amazing start to a potentially amazing summer. I hope you have time to read this whole blog entry because it is going to be a while. You would not believe all that I have done in the past 4 days. It has been so much fun! So much fun!
First of all, I want to tell you something funny. On Wednesday, I didn't have school, and the day before I had been to an amusement park with my school, and well on Wednesday I slept till ONE O'CLOCK! For some of my friends, this isn't like a huge deal. But I was so beat! With finals and the end of school I needed sleep!
Friday was a interesting. In my family, we have something called pajama rides. Well, Friday morning, I was awoken at about 9 o'clock to my little brother telling me that we were going on one. Let me explain what one is. It is basically a surprise as to where you are going. Like sometimes, they will be at night after you are in your pajamas and they just yell pajama ride, and you run for the car! This time it was in the morning, and I got up, actually changed, my mom said I would want to for where we were going, and we were off! We went and got donuts! (Did you know Friday was National Donut Day? My mom didn't know this when she had first planned it, cool?) It was one good donut!! (= Then we did some errands, and then we started going. We were getting farther away from home, and I recognized where we were, but it was like, why are we going this way? So she let us start guessing. My smart brother asks if we are going to see James. Of course, earlier, I had been thinking maybe we were going to see him for lunch, but little guy in the back guesses, and my mom said that we were going to get him for the weekend! WOW! AWESOME! FUN! So we got my brother! <3 It was such an amazingly, awesome weekend! That night, we went to graduation! Every senior graduated, so that was good! I got to visit with some friends after, and then went home. Another amazing day!
Saturday, was my parents anniversary. So, since my mom LOVES canoeing, that's what we did. And we took Mac with us! Oh my my my! We found out that he likes butterflies, and lily pads! Okay, so a canoe, you have to be careful not to tip. So my mom sat with Mac, I did the bow, and James did the stern. He was being an older brother which sometimes equals a pain! (In a very nice way!) He laid down, sorta in the seat, while I paddled. Now, this was my first time paddling like a lot, and he was back there getting a tan. If you know my brother, I am sure you are nodding your head and picturing him doing this, and if you don't know him, I want to let you know that he is an amazing guy! I am not being mean by saying this, we love each other so much, he will never let anything happen to me, and I won't trade him for was all in good fun, much to his enjoyment! Then, we had steak which James did, and then he and I went to a graduation party. It was fun. I love graduation parties. I have grown up doing them every year since my dad and mom are teachers. It's what I do, so I had fun at this one. They had a pool there, and my brother (surprise surprise) was going to throw me in, but then I got him to stop, but nevertheless, he got me wet by the end. Then I went to my friend's house for a while, and then James and I went home to see our mom who was cleaning up from making 24 pieces of fried chicken, potato salad, and brownies...because on Sunday...
We went to West Point with some really good friends of ours, and this is a Kristina and Isabella story..but I am not going to tell it like that, but know that Isabella was there! We went and had a huge picnic, played games, put our feet in the water, sat on the train tracks, watched boats, and just had a really fun day! It was some walking, sweating, laughing, and just all kinds of stuff! It was tons and tons of fun! It was my first time in the library, and as Isabella would tell you it wasn't much fun because we didn't see anything like we didn't look at any books, we just went to the top, where you can go outside and look. It was really cool! So that was Sunday...
Monday...which is today, was a lot of fun! I woke up around 9ish, then did some chores, and then got to go visit a really good friend of our families. She is a really amazing person! She manages so much and just wow! So we spent the day with her, her daughter-in-law, and grandson. He is the cutest thing! A really, really happy baby. He liked my camera, but I didn't really let him have it, so... (= My younger brother learned how to fish today! They gave him and I fishing poles and tackle box. It is pretty sweet! I didn't really fish today, but I can't wait to fish when James comes home next and show James and my little brother up. I am going to try to catch more than them...don't laugh. I've done it to James before and I am going to try once more! So Isaac caught his first two fish! 2! That was exciting!
So, now I am home. I have to work on my friend's birthday present. Oh! And my friend is flying home from her foreign year trip TOMORROW!!! AH! I get to see her on Wednesday, it is going to be tons of fun to have her home again!
Well, for now, I must get to work on this present! I have a lot to do and I want to have it done by Wednesday. Yeah right...but at least I can try!

Hope you liked reading about my weekend. It was better if you got to experience it, like I did! was ...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life, Love, Sisterhood (starring Kristina and Isabella)

It was an oddly weathered day when the two daring friends galavanted up to the newly decorated bedchamber of Isabella. They were together yet again. Good times were bound to happen. But things started off rather slowly. Laziness overcame both Kristina and Isabella, and the first hour and a half was swept away in reading, "work", and supplying energy to the body in the form of food. Isabella soon had to go fetch her horse and carriage to travel the bumpy roads of the kingdom in order to pick up her mother. Her mother was at Kristina and Isabella's second home/castle where an abundance of learning takes place. This is where Kristina and Isabella open their minds to the vast world of learning. There are many other maidens at this school, some fair, some skinny, some with long locks and some with short. There are also many princes and charmings, a few trolls here and there, and of course frogs hopping all over the place just waiting for a princess. This grand Canaanite Castle is known for its excellent school masters and outstanding academics. It's no wonder why Kristina and Isabella love it there.
Isabella soon arrived home and made her mind up that it was time to find an adventure. So the two traveled outside the safety of the kingdom into the realm of the unknown. A snack was on the mind of Isabella, but outside the castle walls all that was left was green. But that did not stop the undaunting Isabella and she gracefully pulled a leaf from the lush soil and took a bite. Kristina couldn't believe her eyes but was soon eating the leafy green as well. This snack did not satisy Isabella and she whirled herself around to find another "adventure." Spotting a wrangled tree, a lightbulb soon went on above her head. With a confusing look, Kristina watched Isabella as she darted through the wild brush coming back with a splintered piece of wood. Setting it down next to the tree, Isabella hopped on and frustratingly tried to pull herself up the wrangled tree. But fell short. Kristina, being the amazing friend she was, tried to help Isabella up this tree, but fell short as well. Soon, wetness touch the soft skin of Kristina and Isabella and they both looked up into the greying sky. Rain was imminent. Isabella jumped from her splintered wood and ran into the middle of the vast field. Rain began to pour down, and while Kristina hung under the shadow of the wrangled tree, Isabella ran through the field and landed herself on her back, staring up into the huge abyss of grey clouds. Kristina could not stand being the only one out of the beautiful droplets and soon ran into the torrents of wetness.
The rain diminished quickly, and Isabella was determind to climb that tree. Again Kristina watched as Isabella ran to find some other means of help and gasped when she came back with some sort of stepping ladder. This was sure to get Isabella up in the tree. And it did. Isabella finally reached her destination and was astonised as she looked unsuspectingly at a limb of the willowed tree and saw one's of nature's miracles- baby robins being hatched. This intrigued Isabella to quite an extent and she could not let such a photographic moment go by. There was only one problem. The babies mother was not so happy about this. But soon, out of fear, the mother left and Isabella had her only shot to capture life at it's finest. And capture it she did. Though perfection was limited because of shakiness, seeing that she was balancing on a limb, Isabella managed to photograph the new life.

Things only intensified as the night went on. Kristina and Isabella ran into many a more adventures that evening. Monster Houses laid in the background and creepy cats lurked in the shadows. As a finale to their adventurous day, Kristina and Isabella hopped in their carriage and rid a long and spooky ride to a very eerie place. (the most serene place in the world). Only a ray of light was now still shining, as late afternoon became night. They quickly searched the almost black ground and found what they were looking for. The eerie creeking of a well brought shivers down Kristina's spine and she insisted that they leave at once. Though refuting at first, Isabella quickly complied seeing as something was moving in the bushes not to far from them and she didn't want to stay long enough to find out what it was.
So off the two beautiful damsels rid into the night, arriving home safe and sound soon to depart to the bedchamber. They both have majestic days tomorrow and of course must get their beauty sleep.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long Awaited...

Long awaited pictures, this is Mac....

He Graduated!!

Oh yeah... my little brother graduated!! He received the Bible Memory Award, which is pretty sweet! (= And I told you how he was playing little boy blue. So there he is!! WHAT A CUTIE!

So do you ever think that your summer is going to be like so boring, and then all of the sudden it is full of some exciting (and not so exciting) places to go and people to see? I am doing so much this summer! Family vacation, helping in a camp, my friend coming home from out of the country, seeing friends from Ohio, and tons of other stuff. It is turning into a really busy summer. I like those kind!

My aunt is here with us for the weekend! So we went for a walk, we played with my brother's baseball toy, ate with my cousin and her boyfriend, and play the Wii. We tested out our ages on the wii. I was 38- don't be like whoa! If you have never tried it before, I dare you too, because it's not all that easy. I have been pretty far up there, and yea anyway. My mom was 29 last time she did it. Lucky her!

I was reading in my Bible last night Ecclesiastes. I finished reading it, but the other day, I read in Chapter 3 about how 'to everything there is a season. A time to laugh, A time to cry,' Just how there is all different times for things. God has made different seasons for our lives. So, we went through a valley, but sometimes we are on a mountain. Have you heard Michael W. Smith's new song "Mighty to Save"? My mom loves that song, and so do I.

"Saviour, He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus Conquered the grave"

So, I hope that everyone who reads this has a great weekend! I hope that it is God-honoring, and tons and tons of fun!


Some of you might think that my Isabella and Kristina stories are crazy. But oh well! You'll probably get to read another one on Monday night, because we are having a sleepover!! Since Monday is the last day of academic school, we will have time to party! hehe! Until then...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Right now, I am sitting in my messy bedroom, with a pile of clothes on the floor, stuff on my bed, shoes on my bean bag, a straightener and blow drier on the floor, and cleaning supplies on the desk. I picked my room up on Saturday, but wow! It has already erupted. Finals are later this week, as well as projects being turned in. I wrote a story as my final English project. That was turned in on Friday. But in my scatterness, I lost my flash drive in the parking lot, and had to turn it in today. I turned in a rough draft on Friday, and so my teacher graciously was okay with the plan of my turning in the real deal today. I am usually not a messy person. But with this spring weather, I have found myself being lazy and not wanting to do anything! Not picking up my room and such!
I haven’t blogged in such a long time, and I know I haven’t put pictures up. My grandpa and my mom were talking about how I haven’t put pictures up in a while. Maybe one day. When I come to visit you this summer, I can show you a ton!
Today was my last academic Tuesday! It was exciting. I was Wednesday through Monday left, and then Tuesday we go on a merit trip, and Wednesday is an Awards Ceremony! Friday the 5th is graduation already! It’s crazy. My baby brother is graduating on Friday the 29th! He is going to be little boy blue in a play they are putting on! It is sure to be sweet!
Today I presented a Bible project in front of the girls in my class, and my Bible teacher, and he also happens to be the Pastor of my church! It actually wasn’t terrible up in front of him. I was a little nervous, but it was fine! I was in the time limit, so I was happy. I don’t know what my grade is yet, but hopefully it is good! That was my last and final project for that class! So that is an accomplishment to have one class finished! YEAH!
I talked to my friend just a while ago on the phone. She is coming to visit my family this summer with her brother! It is going to be an exciting time! I can’t wait to see her! It has been since November since I last saw her, and that was only for a short time, it was when she came to my dad’s visitation/funeral.
Yesterday, was sixth months since my dad went home to be with the Lord. We went to the cemetery, and my mom put flowers there. It looks really nice. I know he is not really there, but still…
Well, for now I had better get going. I need to finish the year strong. I would encourage you all to also finish strong in whatever God has placed before you! You all might not be finishing school up, but maybe something else big in your life. How easy it is to slack off! But let’s keep going! Let’s give God all the glory!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kristina and Isabella

Kristina and Isabella

"Saving the World, One Picture at a Time"

Today, Kristina and Isabella ventured off with two main objectives in mind: having fun, and taking pictures. Well that is Isabella did the taking, Kristina did the posing. The reason: Mother's Day was coming! Kristina's mother wanted a picture of her, and well, she cut it a little close, but have no fear, out of all the 177 pictures, I think Isabella and Kristina could find one or two they both liked. Isabella, is an ispiring photographer, and practiced on Kristina,( Kristina says she does an amazing job!)

They went to the most serene place on earth, and found some amazing backdrops, and also tooled around an apple orchard. It started raining gumballs, but they dodged them, and perserved on into the afternoon.

Isabella was spending the night at Kristina's, and they had to stop at the store on the way home. Kristina's mom called, and while on the phone, one of the dogs (Sir Mac) got some raw chicken. Have no fear tho, he didn't eat it!

Now Kristina and Isabella are safe at home. Next weekend they are getting together with a bunch of girls, so this weekend they need their beauty sleep, so till next time, they will dodge the flying gumballs.


If you think that all Kristina and Isabella do, is get in trouble with monsterous beings, and flying gumballs, we really do have profitable times together. This morning we met and read about Deborah (from the Bible) and how she "kept a sword in her hand, and a song in her heart!" They do encourage each other, build each other up, and are there for each other....and then all the fun!

Till next time...

Monday, April 27, 2009


Weekends with friends are never dull...
this weekend we painted the room (friday night) and then well we painted each other. Lea and Manda started it, and well....the rest is history (= I wanted to stay clean, but well. Saturday we had to wake up around 5ish to get ready to go to competition for school. We did well! It was a lot of fun....well I have to get going. There is always more to write but right now... not too much time

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God is the Only Confidence Giver!

Today in my health class I had to give a devotional on confidence. Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" How true that is! And then this morning in my devotions I read about how God is the one giving me my beauty. Not how I dress. But God gives me inside beauty that is going to last. eternally. Exciting thoughts!

Well, sorry if you didn't understand the last blog. My friend wanted to write a blog entry (she should really get her own! Isabella!) but, oh well...that is me and my friends!

Well I am off. I will have to blog when I have more time, but right now. I am going to spend time with my mom!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life, Love, Sisterhood (the series starring Kristina and Isabella)

Once upon a time there were two best friends. The one went by the name of Isabella, and the other went by Kristina. Isabella was a beautiful young girl with long brown hair, and Kristina looked much the same but with long dirty blonde hair. On the afternoon of a sunny day, Kristina and Isabella decided that they would have some fun. Kristina had received a monstrous being last week and decided it was time to slay it. So with the help of her daring friend, Isabella, they hatched a plan. They would take this being and sling him to the ends of the earth by only using a bungy cord. They thought the plan was wondrous, but it turned out that they would have to find another way. Then Isabella spied a blue weapon to the side of the them on the ground. This weapon was just the size to smash this monstrous being into the air. Kristina went first. Holding the being she flung it in the air and swung for dear life leaving half of the being scattered on the ground. Then it was Isabella's turn. Taking the other half of the being, she carefully threw it up and pounded the being catipulting into the air in various pieces. Kristina and Isabella jumped up and down waving their hands excitedly, for the disgusting being was now slain.
But this was not all that Kristina and Isabella did. They decided it was time to enjoy the scenery around them, and decided to go to the most serene place you could ever go to. (?) After walking through this place, Kristina and Isabella decided it was time to burn off the amount of sugar they had consumed before their walk. So... they ran. They ran all the way home- a home filled with the aroma of grilled meat. If they actually burned off all of the calories before dinner- they sure gained them all back afterwards! But they were skinny lasses and could handle the weight. Though you would think that would be the end of these girls' adventure, they decided to tackle yet another grand task. The task of moving a mighty object from one chamber to another. This might seem like a small task, but it was actually momentous seeing as this mighty object was twice their size! But these girls, though beautiful, were also very strong; and moving this object only took the slightest of ease. So as of now Kristina and Isabella are wandering off to wonderland where they retell of their day's experience, think of the past, the present, the future, the new and the old, and of course their prince charmings to be. Stay in tune for more adventures of Kristina and Isabella that are sure to come

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer&my amazing family...

Summer is coming soon! I have less than 40 days of school left. (not counting weekends and all that!) It is so exciting! Although, that means that there are going to be at least 2 papers, and then exams...but my brother would say that he doesn't even want to hear about it, and then tell me about all he goes through up at West Point...

brothers...can't live without them! I love my brothers so much. They are here to protect me, and make fun of me, and love me. I used to want a sister, or be the oldest, but if I was the oldest, I wouldn't have the best older brother...I am sorry for all the people out there who don't have James as a are missing out! And then the little guy. He is so funny, James has taught him some things to say to make fun of me, but I know that, that little guy will always be here for me...And then they are the most forgiving. I am apoligizing to them a lot, and they ALWAYS forgive me....well...ya... in the end...always. I love my family... <3>

Well.... so long for now!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some thoughts...

Today was just another day. I woke up, took a shower, read my Bible, got ready for school, went to school, and went to my different classes- and all that it includes....

Lately on the radio, I have heard this really cool song.
"I don't want to go through the motions,

I don't want to go one more day,
without your all-consuming passion inside of me,
I don't want to spend my whole life asking
what if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions"

I don't want just another day. Every day should be something that is going to be something I want to remember. Or simply just winning the battle for Christ that day.

After school my friend and I went to the cemetery where my daddy is. It was a enjoyable time. We talked about memories we had of the past two years through this roller coaster of our lives. We just got to sit next to his grave and talk and laugh. It was a memorable time. Then we walked around and looked at the different people and their names. It's weird, because we were walking around and looking at these peoples markers, and someday someone might look at mine.
When you and I die, what is someone going to say about us? Will someone remember us for loving God, always being a trustworthy friend, someone they could count on? Or will they think of us as the deceitful person, who you could never trust. I really hope that you know God, and that people will remember you for being someone they could count on. There is a song that says..." I wanna leave a LEGACY, how will they REMEMBER ME?" How will they remember me? How will they remember you?

I got a text from a it, it said...
" *God is too wise to make a mistake, and too good to do wrong*" ....
I really liked that, because my God, He will never fail me, and He ALWAYS has a perfect plan!

By the way friend...I had a great day with you!! (= (pumping water...haha!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow! I have not written in...a long time! My older brother was just home for Spring Break, and we had an awesome week with him! He took me out to the movies, shopping and dinner on Monday. Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, our uncle and his daughter were here, and we went ice skating with them...(I got to skip school for the day!!) I have a bruise on my knee from the day! (= Then we went to Johnny Rockets...we had a fun day! It was my cousins and younger brother's first time ice skating, so that was cool!

This week I have exams! What fun! Tomorrow I have a Science Exam. I actually kind of like Science right now, I guess it's in my blood! We learned about velocity, acceleration, and that kind of stuff this chapter, and I kind of liked it! Hopefully I do well tomorrow!

Something we do in my family, is we have plates, and bowls for the seasons, and we change them out. I think we are like the only family I know that does something like this. My dad loved dishes, and when I grow up, I think I will have to carry on the tradition of different plates. I love it! So I changed out the plates today.

The dogs are really big! Mac is huge. Zoe is a little smaller. But they are pretty big!! This is Mac!

Remember to Trust God all the time, and that....
God is good, all the timeAll the time, God is good.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something my friends and I look forward to all school year long, has finally arrived!!!...our basketball tournament. Our school hosts it, and then we get school off on Friday, and it is a bunch of schools and it is so cool! Our girls are going to the championship, and our guys won the game they played tonight, so tomorrow we will find out if our guys are going! Excitement is in the air! Right before our tournament, we have Spirit Days, where we have special chapels, game time, and we get to dress up! I was Snow White( one of the days!) and I had a Prince, an evil Step-mother, and a Witch! It was pretty cool! My friends and I had a great time. The messages were good. Talking about having faith, but what are we putting our faith in? Don't just put your faith in faith! And then tonight, someone spoke at the chapel that all of the teams are supposed to come to, and it was such a good message! Talked about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it made me realize some things about myself. I live here, and then there are others who are out being persecuted for their faith, and I have all this freedom to share the Word of God, and I don't! It's such a terrible thing. So that was interesting. It has been a long day! I am at my friend's house right now, so I had better get's almost 11pm and we are going to go find something to eat....yea!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today, there was a blood drive in memory of my dad. Funny thing is, my dad was never one for needles! It was extremely successful! Over 200 people were helped. (Each person that donates, helps 3 people!!)

Last night, someone broke into my house. Scary huh? Lucky thing was my older brother!! He came home for the weekend to surprise us!! He had one of his friends, with whom he graduated come and pick him up, and then he came home. Funny thing, we weren't home! So he called me and mom. Hwas in our other car, and he met us at a gas station and we said hi to him..then he went to hang out with some friends! It is so awesome!

I haven't blogged in the longest time. I am sorta busy, basketball for my team has unfortunately finished. (SAD!) But our other teams are still going, so that is fun! Now it's just school and more school.

Today at the blood drive someone had on a shirt that said something along the lines of a blood donor saved my life. That was Christ! He died for you and for me. It's so hard to wrap my brain around how he rose from the dead. It is all so impossible, yet he did it for me! (and you!)

Well, since my older brother is home, that means I should get going. The puppies are really big! I will have to post pictures soon...but for now, I want to go find some food (I am usually always wanting something to eat!!), and play the Wii.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vamos Mi Hermano!

I am learning Spanish this year! And I like it. Well what I understand of it!
Today I saw my brother! (= It was a fun time! We got to joke around a little, go to church, eat lunch ( I ate too much!), and then take him to the store...and then go home )-= sad.
I went to dog school for the second time on Saturday. It was interesting. But okay!
I have a basketball game tomorrow. But I am not allowed to play. So that is's a long story. I'm not in trouble or anything like that! Just a few of us aren't allowed to play because the first time we played this team, we beat them pretty badly, so this time a few of us aren't allowed to play because of our grade.
Well. I need to get going!!
Buenos Tardes!! (goodnight..i think!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Week...

This week was better than last, but still busy! Basketball keeps me pretty busy!! We are undefeated so far so PRAISE GOD!!! There have been a lot of close games, but we are doing fine! I am becoming more like my older brother, (who has a blog and he is VERY aggressive, and well he would usually foul out, and I am for two of our games I had 3 fouls. Two were in the first 4 minutes of the game! TROUBLE!
My brother who was in the hospital is much better, my grandparents made it safely back home, and we are doing well. Stuff from the flood has started in attempts to repair. Pray that we would be able to do laundry soon. Because of all this, we have machines in our house, and can't do laundry, we haven't done any since Tuesday! So it's going to be a lot to do...
Well I have a game tomorrow...the only team that beat us EVER in our 8 years, (and that was only 1 time last year!) We play tomorrow. So I need some shut-eye....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week has been so long.

The beginning of the week was pretty good. Exams, school...blah blah. Wednesday, I came home from school, and I was yelled to my mom to come inside. The kitchen and bathroom were flooded with water. A pipe in the toilet burst, and it had gone all in the kitchen and leaked through the floor to the basement. Then later that night, my younger brother burned his arm on the heater. Long night...

The next day, I had school. Too bad it wasn't a two hour delay! My class did different skits for Bible class because each class in the high school does a class chapel, and ours is coming up. So we made up a skit, and watched other groups. That was fun! On my way to lunch, Pastor Matt, wanted to talk to me, and told me that my cousin (who is my age) had passed away that morning. It came as a surprise! I went through the rest of my school day, crying, and going to classes, and then I went to the McL for the night.

The next day, I had a basketball game. It was pretty good. Our team has improved a lot since we last played this team. It was an enjoyable game. They told me to be more aggressive, and my older brother, well he usually fouled out every game, so I got some of his energy and had 3 fouls. Two of which I had in the first 4 minutes of the game! That was a really late night. I went to be around midnight!

Saturday I had yet another game. So I went to that, and we won. It was a close game, but so far, we haven't lost. Neither have the JVB or VG. The VB lost once. But all our teams are doing pretty well. I called my mom to tell her what time I would be home, and she told me she was taking my younger brother to the ER, because he had a 104 fever. So, I went to my friends house, and then took me to the hospital after a while. He was so brave! He got an IV in his arm and everything! I told him that our dad would be very proud of him. This past week has been hard on our family, and I know that dad would be proud of him. He is a big trooper. We got home from the hospital around 11:45 p.m., and he is doing better!

Well, he is ready for me to be done... so I had better get going....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Daring Duo

Okay, so right now, they look calm . . . that's not always true!! Mac is the lighter one, Zoe they darker.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never Regret Something that Made you Smile

... When my friend left for her out of country year. I made her a notebook with pictures of us (there are about 5 of us who are close, we all go to the same school, church,...) sayings, verses, funny things, letters... and then some was left for her to do while she was down there. Well yesterday, I got to see the notebook, and how much she had done (I made her a new one for Christmas!) and that saying was in there NEVER REGRET SOMETHING THAT MADE YOU SMILE! ...and a bunch of other ones (=

Today, I said goodbye to her. it was sad, but at the same time, not. I got to spend about two weeks with her. It was an amazing time, but I am glad that she is able to go back.

Sunday, we dropped James off. It is different now, but it hasn't really set in yet. I have got to talk to him on the phone, and that has been really nice. I miss him, but I am glad that he is back there.

Well, I had better get going...I might have a snow day tomorrow!!