Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life, Love, Sisterhood (the series starring Kristina and Isabella)

Once upon a time there were two best friends. The one went by the name of Isabella, and the other went by Kristina. Isabella was a beautiful young girl with long brown hair, and Kristina looked much the same but with long dirty blonde hair. On the afternoon of a sunny day, Kristina and Isabella decided that they would have some fun. Kristina had received a monstrous being last week and decided it was time to slay it. So with the help of her daring friend, Isabella, they hatched a plan. They would take this being and sling him to the ends of the earth by only using a bungy cord. They thought the plan was wondrous, but it turned out that they would have to find another way. Then Isabella spied a blue weapon to the side of the them on the ground. This weapon was just the size to smash this monstrous being into the air. Kristina went first. Holding the being she flung it in the air and swung for dear life leaving half of the being scattered on the ground. Then it was Isabella's turn. Taking the other half of the being, she carefully threw it up and pounded the being catipulting into the air in various pieces. Kristina and Isabella jumped up and down waving their hands excitedly, for the disgusting being was now slain.
But this was not all that Kristina and Isabella did. They decided it was time to enjoy the scenery around them, and decided to go to the most serene place you could ever go to. (?) After walking through this place, Kristina and Isabella decided it was time to burn off the amount of sugar they had consumed before their walk. So... they ran. They ran all the way home- a home filled with the aroma of grilled meat. If they actually burned off all of the calories before dinner- they sure gained them all back afterwards! But they were skinny lasses and could handle the weight. Though you would think that would be the end of these girls' adventure, they decided to tackle yet another grand task. The task of moving a mighty object from one chamber to another. This might seem like a small task, but it was actually momentous seeing as this mighty object was twice their size! But these girls, though beautiful, were also very strong; and moving this object only took the slightest of ease. So as of now Kristina and Isabella are wandering off to wonderland where they retell of their day's experience, think of the past, the present, the future, the new and the old, and of course their prince charmings to be. Stay in tune for more adventures of Kristina and Isabella that are sure to come

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  1. wow I know who wrote that story!! OH MY you guys are crazy. Wouldn't change it.
    Love the blog Allie :)