Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s finally hot! Now I have to go back to school and be enduring the heat, when it has been cold here for most of the summer. Weird…!
Yesterday was my younger brother’s birthday! We celebrated and had a fun day. It was sad though, because James wasn’t here, and neither was dad. So we were a little lonely. But we had fun in the end!
Today, we woke up early and got to go to the doctor’s office for appointments. I had to get a sport’s physical. What fun! I like the person I see, she is really nice. I just don’t like the whole idea of going to the doctors. Never thrills me. I like the dentist better. Even after having many teeth pulled, cavities, braces, and all that- I still like the dentist. When I would get my teeth pulled out, I usually went with dad, and he would stand at the end of the chair and rub my leg. (: Good memories. So anyway, at the doctors, they decided to give me a shot. What fun. Although, I did get a really cool crayon band-aid for what it was worth. Also, sometime I have to get blood-work done. I was saying how that I was extremely tired this summer, and we didn’t know why, so she is going to have one done. Great! In January they had a blood drive in honor of my dad, I didn’t give, but I was there and saw it. Now I have to have something done like that. I am not looking forward to it. I am going to go have it done sometime later this week, so please pray for me!
After the doctors, we made 2 stops, and then went on to school to work on mom’s classroom. We got a lot of work done! It’s really exciting! We painted it, and all that the painting needs now is some touch-ups. Then just little stuff here and there that adds up to a good deal. Also, my mom has to start her lesson plans. I am helping her with a lot, but sadly that is one thing I can’t do.
I am reading the book “Do Hard Things” it was written by two teenagers. I really like it. It’s about stepping out there. It is pathetic what is expected of teens these days. I mean, my younger brother can do what is expected of a younger teen. The twin teens who wrote it have done a lot of things that are helping to make a difference. It has made me want to be doing things that are “hard”.
Now, it’s around dinner time, but Isaac is at karate. So I won’t eat for a while yet. But there are some dishes and laundry to be folded. So I suppose that I should get up and do that stuff. I guess that I have to start with the little stuff before I do the “hard things”.

I’m learning already. (:

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  1. Thanks for keeping up with your blog!! I obviously am still reading it!! We have to do at least one for Kristina and Isabella story before school!!