Monday, August 10, 2009

Story Time, (Just for YOU!!)

Okay, it’s story time.

This story, is for you (: I hope you like it!

Kristina and Isabella have been off touring the country. As they went south, west, east and then some. Seeing the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and more they have been terribly busy. But here, I (Kristina) sit, writing this story for you. We are home at our castle for just a time, as we are always venturing out to do more, and see more of this beautiful, God-created world.
Just last night, Isabella and I had a delightful time eating ice cream at a social with some very important people. We stood around the disposal, though. But we talked about the most enjoyable things.
Before that though, I must inform you, that Isabella, myself, with the help of two of our esteemed friends painted the school room. It was hard work, but hopefully the wee little children will enjoy it.
While driving the carriage home, the driver hit a pot hole, and we had to walk to rest of the way. It was terribly dreadful, because one never knows what is out at night, and I did not like it, but Isabella assured me that if something were to happen, our princes would save us. Princes? I laughed at her, and she presently joined in…princes…there were no princes in our life, there were only princes in our dreams.
After all that, Isabella and I came home, and ate quite a lot. Not the most proper thing in the world, but good gracious, I was hungry, and I do believe Isabella was a bit also. We really should watch out girlish figures, but we ate healthy food, so I imagine we will be okay for the time being.
We needed to get some beauty sleep after our long walk, so we decided it was time to call it a night, well in truth it was already in the wee hours of the morning by the time we settled down. And what a lovely sleep it was. We fell asleep dreaming about…well I shan’t say.
When we awoke after our lovely sleep, we planned for an upcoming ball, and for many other social events that we must be in attendance for, the biggest of the being school. Isabella and I had a very fun time, but she was called away to the castle for work, and it was a sad departure, as we knew we wouldn’t see each other for another few weeks.

hi y’all. (:
I hope that YOU liked my story, since I HAD to write one for you! (:
Last night, I did have my friend sleep over, and she and I had a great deal of fun making plans for the coming school year. We decided to be more accountable to each other this year, and to meet every morning before school to pray. I want to find different ways to get everyone in our school excited for school! I want to be a leader, not a follower, I want to make a difference. I am so hyped-up about this next school year and making a difference. Last year, we had a school newspaper, and my friend did a section in it called MAD. Make A Difference. As Christians, if we each lived out our daily lived MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Don’t you want to be different that the normal bum? Don’t you want to live out your life and make a difference? It’s never too late to start making a difference, and it’s never too early to start. I can’t wait for school to start! I mean, I can, but I can’t! I don’t know if that makes any sense. I sometimes don’t make any sense. (:
I hope that my enthusiasm has made you realize that you want to wake up and make a difference with your life as well!
Well, I had better get going. I want to get some things accomplished. Until next time, God Bless, and MAD.

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