Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 days till School. (not that anyone's counting!)

“Men who face eternity with their eyes opened wide…”

I heard something like that in a song, and it talked about men not being afraid to die. You know who I thought of when I heard that? My daddy. The song was talking about how “God just needs a few good men.” God doesn’t call us to be anyone special. He just wants us to come to him, and he will give us the strength for the tasks that He sends our way.

I went to go get my blood test done the other day. It was horrible. I had the nicest ladies. Yes ladies…3 of them. I didn’t go in there thinking that I was going to be a hard patient, but I think I turned out to be one. (: Accidentally, of course. I had never had it done before, and boy oh boy…not something I want to have done anytime soon! I had the nicest people working on me. But they said that I had tiny veins, so that was making things a bit difficult. They put a hot pack on my arm to try to make my vein come out, and then poked. Then she told me that it moved…): So then they had me put two more hot packs on. Meanwhile, I started not to feel well. They had told me not to eat, and I didn’t feel to well! I was starting to see black spots, and yeah…I told the lady I wanted my mom, but she couldn’t leave me, in case I fainted so she yells that she needs help, and they finally get me to a chair thing that I can lay down in, and my mommy came, and another lady came and used something called a butterfly instead of the needle to stick me, and took the blood out of my hand. After all that they gave me orange juice. They were really nice people! I ate as soon as I was in the car pretty much! (:

Summer is practically gone! School starts on the 2nd of September! Today I cleaned, and tomorrow we are going to our friends house! It is going to be a ton of fun! Can’t wait!!
So long till next time…

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  1. oh my! sounds like an experience you won't forget. :/ Have a GRRREAT last few days of summer.