Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow! I have not written in...a long time! My older brother was just home for Spring Break, and we had an awesome week with him! He took me out to the movies, shopping and dinner on Monday. Then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, our uncle and his daughter were here, and we went ice skating with them...(I got to skip school for the day!!) I have a bruise on my knee from the day! (= Then we went to Johnny Rockets...we had a fun day! It was my cousins and younger brother's first time ice skating, so that was cool!

This week I have exams! What fun! Tomorrow I have a Science Exam. I actually kind of like Science right now, I guess it's in my blood! We learned about velocity, acceleration, and that kind of stuff this chapter, and I kind of liked it! Hopefully I do well tomorrow!

Something we do in my family, is we have plates, and bowls for the seasons, and we change them out. I think we are like the only family I know that does something like this. My dad loved dishes, and when I grow up, I think I will have to carry on the tradition of different plates. I love it! So I changed out the plates today.

The dogs are really big! Mac is huge. Zoe is a little smaller. But they are pretty big!! This is Mac!

Remember to Trust God all the time, and that....
God is good, all the timeAll the time, God is good.

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