Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vamos Mi Hermano!

I am learning Spanish this year! And I like it. Well what I understand of it!
Today I saw my brother! (= It was a fun time! We got to joke around a little, go to church, eat lunch ( I ate too much!), and then take him to the store...and then go home )-= sad.
I went to dog school for the second time on Saturday. It was interesting. But okay!
I have a basketball game tomorrow. But I am not allowed to play. So that is's a long story. I'm not in trouble or anything like that! Just a few of us aren't allowed to play because the first time we played this team, we beat them pretty badly, so this time a few of us aren't allowed to play because of our grade.
Well. I need to get going!!
Buenos Tardes!! (goodnight..i think!)

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