Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Right now, I am sitting in my messy bedroom, with a pile of clothes on the floor, stuff on my bed, shoes on my bean bag, a straightener and blow drier on the floor, and cleaning supplies on the desk. I picked my room up on Saturday, but wow! It has already erupted. Finals are later this week, as well as projects being turned in. I wrote a story as my final English project. That was turned in on Friday. But in my scatterness, I lost my flash drive in the parking lot, and had to turn it in today. I turned in a rough draft on Friday, and so my teacher graciously was okay with the plan of my turning in the real deal today. I am usually not a messy person. But with this spring weather, I have found myself being lazy and not wanting to do anything! Not picking up my room and such!
I haven’t blogged in such a long time, and I know I haven’t put pictures up. My grandpa and my mom were talking about how I haven’t put pictures up in a while. Maybe one day. When I come to visit you this summer, I can show you a ton!
Today was my last academic Tuesday! It was exciting. I was Wednesday through Monday left, and then Tuesday we go on a merit trip, and Wednesday is an Awards Ceremony! Friday the 5th is graduation already! It’s crazy. My baby brother is graduating on Friday the 29th! He is going to be little boy blue in a play they are putting on! It is sure to be sweet!
Today I presented a Bible project in front of the girls in my class, and my Bible teacher, and he also happens to be the Pastor of my church! It actually wasn’t terrible up in front of him. I was a little nervous, but it was fine! I was in the time limit, so I was happy. I don’t know what my grade is yet, but hopefully it is good! That was my last and final project for that class! So that is an accomplishment to have one class finished! YEAH!
I talked to my friend just a while ago on the phone. She is coming to visit my family this summer with her brother! It is going to be an exciting time! I can’t wait to see her! It has been since November since I last saw her, and that was only for a short time, it was when she came to my dad’s visitation/funeral.
Yesterday, was sixth months since my dad went home to be with the Lord. We went to the cemetery, and my mom put flowers there. It looks really nice. I know he is not really there, but still…
Well, for now I had better get going. I need to finish the year strong. I would encourage you all to also finish strong in whatever God has placed before you! You all might not be finishing school up, but maybe something else big in your life. How easy it is to slack off! But let’s keep going! Let’s give God all the glory!

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