Friday, May 8, 2009

Kristina and Isabella

Kristina and Isabella

"Saving the World, One Picture at a Time"

Today, Kristina and Isabella ventured off with two main objectives in mind: having fun, and taking pictures. Well that is Isabella did the taking, Kristina did the posing. The reason: Mother's Day was coming! Kristina's mother wanted a picture of her, and well, she cut it a little close, but have no fear, out of all the 177 pictures, I think Isabella and Kristina could find one or two they both liked. Isabella, is an ispiring photographer, and practiced on Kristina,( Kristina says she does an amazing job!)

They went to the most serene place on earth, and found some amazing backdrops, and also tooled around an apple orchard. It started raining gumballs, but they dodged them, and perserved on into the afternoon.

Isabella was spending the night at Kristina's, and they had to stop at the store on the way home. Kristina's mom called, and while on the phone, one of the dogs (Sir Mac) got some raw chicken. Have no fear tho, he didn't eat it!

Now Kristina and Isabella are safe at home. Next weekend they are getting together with a bunch of girls, so this weekend they need their beauty sleep, so till next time, they will dodge the flying gumballs.


If you think that all Kristina and Isabella do, is get in trouble with monsterous beings, and flying gumballs, we really do have profitable times together. This morning we met and read about Deborah (from the Bible) and how she "kept a sword in her hand, and a song in her heart!" They do encourage each other, build each other up, and are there for each other....and then all the fun!

Till next time...

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