Saturday, November 6, 2010

"ever FAITHFUL ever TRUE...YOU never LET GO..."

Thank you GOD that you never give up on me...
I know I can be pretty impossible to deal with, but yet YOU LOVE me...WHY? i thank you...

it's the season of thankfulness...even though stores may try to skip THANKSGIVING and go right to CHRISTMAS...(which they don't even celebrate YOU anymore in's all about the present, LORD, help it to be more about YOU than ME.)

so ...right now, i am thankful for:

1. a mom who is so GREAT and AMAZING and who wants to FOLLOW YOU in EVERYTHING
2. my older brother who like a BEST FRIEND...ALWAYS tries to BE THERE for ME...
3. my younger brother who I LOVE, and i WANT to be CLOSER to
4. a dad who raised me up in YOUR way- and who is now SERVING YOU full time in HEAVEN
5. ISABELLA- you mean the WORLD to me...without you in my LIFE i would be A DIFFERENT person i would not be ME i would not be WHO i am SUPPOSED to be
6. my best friend since i was 4 i LOVE you, you are MY SISTER- i don't care what the world may SAY- we are RELATED through and through NO ONE has STUCK together LIKE US, and NO ONE can say they have been through WHAT WE have
7. i am thankful for YOU my SAVIOUR and KING
8. i am thankful for a HOUSE, FOOD, CARS, my HEALTH, and EVERYTHING else i take for GRANTED every SINGLE day
9. i am thankful for all the BIBLES i own, when SOMEONE doesn't even own ONE

help me never forget everything...

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