Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In His strength, I can do EVERYTHING

Yesterday I went to our state's capital. It was interesting to see how the State Representatives act when they are supposed to be paying attention to the people in charge- it's like a classroom go chaotic. But it was a fun day, and oh, we have one BEAUTIFUL capital here! (=

Tomorrow, I am going to be continuing my Bible Study, so that definitely makes me excited!! The girls get pretty excited too, and that just makes me even more excited! I have a friend from this summer, who is doing a Bible Study with some girls too, so it's cool that even though we are 11 hours apart, God is having us do similar things!

God puts people in our lives for a time- like giving me a summer with some of the greatest people on the earth! They helped me grow, and learn so many different things, and because of the summer that I spent with them, I am a different person and for them, I am truly grateful!!

Have you ever read 2 Samuel 22? If not, I encourage you to do so TODAY! It is so good! We serve a great and mighty God indeed. He is more than enough! I can't begin to understand his love for me. He loves me so much, and I fail him all the time. Today I failed him by not having joy- I just was grumpy today. I need to have joy- because He calls me to- and I can obey because He LOVES me!! I don't understand, but I guess that that is where FAITH comes in! So I am thankful for His never- ending, always giving, never- changing LOVE in my life! Something I find really interesting is that no matter what I do- or don't do- God won't love me anymore or any less, and that my BEST to him, is like dirty rags. Well! Then, the ONLY way- is HIS way- because then I can honor him. But isn't it interesting, in my own strength- I can do nothing, but in HIS strength and power, I can do EVERYTHING!

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