Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Life is flying by and wow..it's already been three weeks since I last was on here!!

School is great! I love this year! I have just the right amount of classes, and each one of them is teaching me something valuable-
Bible- we are studying the Gospel of Mark and Ecclesiastes.
Chemistry- we are doing tons of labs, and it's just a fun class (=
Geometry- I'm learning patience- it's a big class, and I get confused easily...so patience is the KEY!
Government- I'm learning about the ruling of our country...that's why it's called Government!!
English/Literature- I'm doing a writing class for English, and that is really fun, my writing skills are hopefully improving- I like that class a lot!! Literature is from long ago- so that's always interesting to understand!
Speech/ Drama- I love drama!! And I'm getting credit for being in the class!!
Choir- Well, singing is one of my FAVORITE things..all set there!
Health/ Gym- Well staying fit/ learning how to be fit!!

I think that's all my classes this year!
tomorrow I am starting a Bible Study for some of the younger girls in my school!! I'm so excited to do it with them! I can't wait for it to come! I hope that we all learn together! We are going to be studying the book- THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR. I already did it- the book was actually a gift from my older brother, and now I am going to share it with others, God works through people without them even knowing- cool, huh?

What else is going on...
Soccer!! We lost our first game, but hopefully that made us stronger and now we can move on!.

Youth Group started back up, and it is so exciting to get involved! I am enthusiastic about it! Hopefully it won't wear off as the year goes on! We are planning on taking a mission's trip later in the year- don't worry, I'll keep you posted! And some of us girls are going to start us a website/ blog for girls about purity, and we are just going to get out there and do things, so I am EXCITED!!

Until next time...
"grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ..."

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