Sunday, November 23, 2008

4 Days til Thanksgiving!!

Only 4 more days till Thanksgiving!! It's hard to believe. Soon all of our family from out of town will be arriving!! It's so exciting this time of year. Less than forty days till Christmas!!

Today is day 14 since my dad last ate. Yesterday he took 5 sips of water and today none. He no longer talks, winks, or raises his eyebrows. He still interlocks my mom's fingers when they hold hands. His breathing is very labored. Please continue to pray for him that he won't be in pain.

I went to church today with the McL.! There were 8 of us going to church, because my older brother and mom stay home to help with my dad. It's a lot of people to handle!! It was a good time, though. In Sunday School the classes are preparing for their Christmas Program. It was fun to listen to the class that I am in sing. I just watch them, and smile at my friend up there!

A bunch of my friends were away this past weekend. They were involved in a singing choir for school. So I missed them. They got home between yesterday and today. So hi fattys!! I'm glad your home!! It's just something weird we do!

My baby brother went to go see Madagascar 2, and he said it was "good." (= So, I'm glad that he enjoyed it.

Well, I'm going to post some pictures on another post, and then I need to go take a look at my science notebook, I usually leave science for last, and well, such is true right now...although my dad was an amazing science teacher, and my mom also taught it- I don't really like it that much!

And if you haven't looked at my dad's blog, since my mom left a post, go check it out!!


  1. Allison -
    Watch those science comments... you never know who may see them. :-)
    Lots of love and many prayers,
    "Miss Amorine & Mrs. Brown"

  2. Hi Allie,

    Your father is still such a strong man. I often think and pray for you all as I know that your son will soon be with Jesus. I know it's going to be hard for you but the Lord will see you through the valley. You have a bond with your dad I never had and when he died, I wasn't sure and still am not, "where" he went. Think of the love that your father and your Heavenly Father have shown you. I am proud of you and have never even met you. I pray that you will allow yourself to feel sad and know that the Lord understands everything. Give your mom a hug from me.

    With love, one sister in Christ to another,

    Mrs. W-H and fam