Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today was freezing!!

Today was a cold, windy day! It was cold tonight after practice! Like freezing! The wind was blowing really hard, and it was cold!

Okay, so I just wrote like a whole post, and then it just disappeared! ARGH! So here is sorta is...

My grandparents were here today, but my dad slept most of the time after that.

Today I had basketball practice, and it went well. We got to pick out our uniforms, and I got my numbers! So that was exciting! And we broke up into prayer groups, well we at least divided up the names, but next practice we will pray in our groups.

I need to get going...things to do, and yet again, my head is hurting me. I had another headache today. My mom thinks maybe I am dehydrated, but I don't know...


  1. Hi Alli,

    I've just been reading some of your latest entries and am glad to see that you seem well : ) Thanks for updating everyone about your dad, too. I was reading his blog for a while and it was really encouraging. Please say Hi to your family for me!

    Charis Ubben

  2. Hi Alli,
    Mrs. O'Brien here (Sarah & Jon's Mom). Your blog is such an encouragement. The Lord seems to be really growing you. We pray for your Dad and your family regularly and visit his blog and yours to keep in touch with what is going on. I pray the Lord keeps you strong and you continue to live for Him!
    In Christ~Mrs. O'Brien and the whole family too