Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dedicated to my big sis.

Last night I had a really good talk with my big sis.
Let me explain.
One of my best friends (we have known each since kindergarten) we had a talk last night..but let me start at the beginning.
In kindergarten we would be best friends one day, and the next minute, we would hate each other. Since we were so alike, it was hard sometimes. And as we have grown up it has been just her and I would fight, and then be fine. But now, we are much better, sure we get upset- but a lot less that we used to. I love her so much! People say we look alike. On the basketball court, it's sometimes hard for my mom to tell us apart. Last night, I was talking to her about something, as she said something about just trust God, and He will work it out. I was like, when did you get so smart?! She said to me, when she started trusting God more. WOW! I need to trust Him more. It is soo easy to say, but obviously, my big sis has learned how to do it. I trust God, but definitely not to the point where I should be trusting Him. She calls me her little sis, even though, I am really older than her. But oh well. She is taller. So.. yeah. We are close friends. Even if we don't hang out for a month. We are still close. And that is so awesome, I know that she always has my back. And I'm here for her. I love her!!!
I'm sitting on the floor next to my dad's bed. He is resting right now. I love my dad so much! It is nice to just be in here with him, even when he is resting, just to be with him is nice. Because soon- it will all be gone.
I guess we all have to remember that we don't know when we are going to die. So we must be ready. Ready to meet Jesus face to face. I know my dad is looking forward to meeting Jesus. And one day I will get to meet Him face to face also.
I should probably get going.
If you want to know more about my AMAZING big sis, her blog is


  1. Allie,
    I just "discovered" your blog! And I think it is the perfect place to let you (and many others) know just how much I appreciate you! FYI - you are truly an encouragement to me, and sunshine in my life as well. I am touched that not only do you always have a HUG for me, but also that you will seek me out for one! That's special.
    You are growing and maturing in an awesome way. You are a light.
    Love you,
    Mrs. V

  2. girl, this is just to much. i can't explain how much you mean to me! so i'm not even going to try, just know... that its A LOT..