Tuesday, December 9, 2008

16 days till Christmas!

16 days till C h r i s t m a s
10 days till my friend, who is in another country for the school yr., f lies home
11 days till C h r i s t m a s break
7 days till my first basketball game
11 days till my friend has knee surgery );

Less then 12 hours till I have to go back to school. . .

So my friend is flying home soon! I am so excited. We don't really have much planned- just to hang out. And then, my other good friend is having knee surgery- so if you remember it, pray for her! She is an awesome basketball/ soccer player, and she is out for this season, but pray that she will be able to come back next season, and that her surgery wouldn't be too painful.

This weekend, we are decorating the Christmas tree!! I can't wait!

My mom is sick. She barely has a voice, and it really hurts her to talk. She is working hard to get the house back in order, and run us to and from school, and take care of the dogs! Which bye the way are doing well! They try to go up the steps. Zoe got about half way up and then I had to go get her. They don't really know how to get back down. They figured it out, but it was funny!

In my devotions, I read Ecclesiastes 7 : 1 says ". . . People can learn more from sobbing when someone dies that from being happy when someone is born." My dad's life was NOT in vain. So many people have been affected by him and what God did through him, and I believe that God is still using my dad's testimony even though he is no longer present on this earth. The next verse says ". . . Everyone will die someday. Those who are still living should really think about that."

I miss my daddy so much! I wonder what he is doing in heaven. I miss him a lot, and it's hard without him. I know he is better off, and I am glad. I am not mourning for him by any means. When they told me that the doctors couldn't do anything, he wasn't sorry for himself. He was sorry for us. That he was leaving, and I miss him.

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  1. Your Dad's testimony has definitely impacted many for Christ! I can picture him sitting around with the disciples having long discussions! I also wonder what my Mom & Dad & other loved ones are doing in heaven. Someday we will find out all of the wonderful details firsthand. I continue to pray for you & your family.
    In Him,
    Mrs. S.