Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas (a day late!)

I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas- I did! It was a bit different, but that's okay.

My mom was the first one up, and then I was the one to wake up my brothers! It was fun! I was like IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! I was so excited! Mom had the music really loud, so that we would wake up. A fun morning!

Then, we opened our stockings, and ate breakfast. Then next to each of the kid's plates was a gift. Mine was a box. It was from my dad. They all were. My baby brother opened his. It was his very first Bible. Dad had written something in it, and picked out a Bible Passage. Next I guessed mine, I had been wanting a new Bible, I opened it up- It was a Bible from my dad!! He had written in it and given me a Bible passage. My oldest brother, got a money clip with a Bible verse engraved, and his initials. Mom then opened her stocking, and I read the Christmas story, out of my new Bible! I love it!!

We opened presents from relatives from far, and near. It was fun! Then, after we had opened everything, everyone started doing their things. But my older brother and I had one more thing (and my dad!) I went to get it- a letter and a present for my mom, from my dad. It is a beautiful ring! A ruby heart. (= She loves it!

I got a camera from my mom. I love it!! That, my Bible, and a pair of earrings( from my mom) are probably my favorite! The earrings are probably my favorite because they are for my second hole, which I am going to get with my Auntie! She was there when I got my first, and this time she is going to get a second with me! EXCITING!! I heard it might hurt....AH!

Today I went to the Nutcracker with some friends. It was fun, but did you know, that it has NO WORDS?! I was like WHAT?! It was okay. But I love words! So it wasn't my favorite. But it was cool. And it was free!

I was just thinking, sometimes the best stuff is free. And ya know what, that is true. A relationship with Jesus Christ is free- sure you may endure some suffering, but you also endure suffering without Him, so why not endure it with Him, it is SO much easier. Without Him, I would have to worry about whether I would ever see my dad again, but I don't because one day I will be with Him in heaven. Not because of anything I did. If it was I would NEVER make it. It is all because of Jesus Christ. He came to this earth. HE WAS BORN IN A STABLE! But yet, regardless of how he was born- He came to save the world from our sins. He loves us so much! That He did that. I love him! And he is always with me!! Even though my earthly daddy isn't here, my Heavenly Daddy is.

Well . . . there are some Chinese leftovers in the fridge. And my brother is playing a Nerf game on the wii, and there is a good book over there . . . so. . . until next time!!

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