Monday, December 1, 2008

I ate too many M&M's

I ate a lot of M&M's a while ago, but they tasted really good!!

Today was a semi-busy day. I went home, went to Walmart, went to my friend's for a few minutes, and that sort of stuff.

At the funeral the other day, my friend gave me a book called "His Princess- Love Letters from Your King." I read the first one yesterday, and it said how God is the Lover of my Soul. He has chosen me. I am excited to read through this book.

Tomorrow I have to return to school. I have a basketball scrimage tomorrow after school. I am looking forward to it!!

Today is December 1!! It's hard to believe! Soon Christmas break will be here, soon Christmas will be here, soon my friend will be home for Christmas, can you believe Christmas is coming?? Well, I guess we all just need to remember the True Meaning of Christmas.

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