Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is a coming!

9 days till Christmas
And my AWESOME friend flies home on THURSDAY!!!! Time has flown....
oh, and the sad count down- my good friend, has surgery on Friday...

Today at lunch we were talking about how when our friend comes back, she will notice all the changes. For us they have all been gradual so it doesn't seem like a lot, but for her it will be different. I just hope the bad weather stays away!

Last night, I had a basketball game. All four teams did. We all won. Our game was 37-1. The other team did a good job. Our team was a bit on the other side of things...but I am happy for our team. Since last year, we were undefeated see, ever since our girls team had been created, which was like maybe this is the 7th year of it, we were undefeated and in our 6th year, we lost ending it 83-1. It was a great record tho. Just we had a bad experience. But there is definitly more to life than sports. GOD! He is what life is ALL ABOUT! So losing a basketball game, in the whole sceme of things, is okay. Our team is going to have a good season this year!!

A few more days and I will be out for Christmas break!

Well, the puppies jsut woke up...time to watch!

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