Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today I Skipped School...

....but I had a purpose, and I think it was excused. Because I filled out a slip, and have to write a report little thing.

Let me explain.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. And a few weeks ago, we were trying to decide what to do for his birthday. I said we should go to the hospital, so that is what we did. We went and saw the doctor, and some of the nurses. It was nice. It was more sentimental for my mom, because I had only been there a hanful of times, same for both of my brothers. My mom spent the last year in and out in and out. Then we went to Chic-fil-A. A FAMILY FAVORITE/MUST!! And while we were there, we ate lunch with the people my mom stayed with this past year. Then we went to a Christian bookstore (our GPS took us somewhere else, so it was a bit of a trip!) but now we are safely home. Well, except my brother. He is with some of his friends.

We took the places we went Dunkin Doughnuts. They looked good! Hopefully they enjoyed them. I got to meet different people like I said, and it was nice to put a face with the name.

Well, the weather is looking like I won't have school tomorrow, which is sorta a bummer. What a way to start Christmas vacation! I mean, I won't be able to give some people their gifts till after New Year's, and then I didn't get to say bye to my friends...oh well. Life doesn't always go my way.

Today my friend flew in! I think. She should arriving at her house any minute now! So I can't wait to see her! I am looking forward to it so much! My other friend has her surgery tomorrow morning. I talked to her tonight. After midnight she can't eat anything, and tomorrow she has a list of things she can't do. I really hope and pray that this surgery goes well! That she will be able to return to basketball next year.

Another reason why I don't want school canceled tomorrow: some of our teams have games, sadly mine doesn't. But I still like to watch my school play!

So, I guess here comes the snow....

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  1. Your Dad & Mom always had a smile & encouraging words to share. It was a joy to be a part of the school family when they both worked there. Mandie was always blessed by your parents, her former teachers. Now you are a blessing & encouragement by your testimony! We can only imagine the amazing time your Dad is having with the Lord & the other believers who preceded him into Glory! You are all in our hearts & prayers especially during the holidays.
    Love & hugs,
    Mrs. Schreck