Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve to everybody!!

Today, for dinner, we ate Chinese, and watched Holiday Inn.

Then we got to open some presents- pajamas, Air Buddies, and Popcorn from Mom. And then just some presents from friends. The rest will be tomorrow morning!

Right now, we are watching Air Buddies. Well I am not, yet. I will go over there in a minute. I've already seen it- and it's a good movie! I recommend it!

Last night, I went to a Christmas Bible Study. It is lead by my really good friends. And then an awesome teacher from our school comes along for supervision! It was so good! We broke up into little groups, and studied the characters of Mary, Joseph, and the angel Gabriel. It was really cool! A lot of things got put back into perspective. At least for me they did. Like how Mary was probably in labor for a long time- I usually think of it as quick, painless. No doctor, a BARN! Which, was probably more like a cave. Joseph probably delivered the baby. interesting in itself. for both of them, it was probably a humbling I really liked it.
Then we did some other stuff. ATE. Um, we wrote down our favorite Christmas memory. One of mine is that for the past few years, on Christmas Eve, James and I would go in his room and watch a movie while Mom and Dad would carry down all the presents. So we couldn't see everything till the morning. This year is going to be a bit similar. Mom isn't going to carry all of the presents down till later. I offered to help...but she won't let me. I wonder why?! (=

Well, Merry Christmas to all.

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